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First WUF Sept 11 Scholarships Awarded

The Westfield United Fund is pleased to announce the awarding of its first September 11 Memorial Scholarships. The scholarships, of $1000 each, were awarded to two Westfield High School Seniors, Erin An and Caroline Ehrhardt, who each lost a family member recently.

After September 11, 2001, a fund was established with the Westfield United Fund to provide for the needs of the local families affected by the tragedy. After meeting those needs, the additional money collected was earmarked by the families to establish a scholarship fund in memory of their loved ones. The families wanted to help Westfield students who had experienced a loss similar to their own, and to give back to the community that stood by them in their time of need.

It is the hope of the Westfield United Fund and the September 11 families that, despite their personal tragedies, these students will go on to build a successful life in college and beyond, knowing that they have the support of the Westfield community behind them.