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We Still Love Local!

The Westfield United Fund has been proud to partner with the Town of Westfield to help our local businesses and their employees who have been devastated by the Coronavirus Crisis. Our We Love Local campaign ran from March 20 through May 31, and raised over $270,000 from more than 850 donors, which we distributed to more than 175 independent Westfield businesses.

In May and June, we also partnered with the Westfield Police Department to raise money for the Westfield Food Pantry. More than $20,000 and 2,000 bags of food were donated to the food pantry. The WUF spirit of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" is alive and well!

Now we are raising money, as we always do, to help a variety of people in our community who need our support. We appreciate your generous donations, which help make our community stronger.

The members of our Fund Distribution Committee perform the due diligence for you! You can be confident that your donation dollars will be spent wisely and help the most vulnerable people in our community. Together We Make a Difference!

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We welcome matching donations from your employer or other granting organization. Gifts of stock are also appreciated. (Pardon the pun!) Please contact us with the necessary information to learn more. Thank you!

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