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Board of Trustees

Who We Are

A group of our trustees recently attended the Westfield Area Y's 100th Anniversary Celebration, along with WUF Executive Director, Deirdre Gelinne, and Social Media Manager Beth Saad. L to R: Ginny Malley, Emily Howell, Lori Terry, Liz McAlister, Deirdre Gelinne, Beth Riordan, Amy Partridge, Beth Saad.


Paul Fitzhenry, President

Caroline Ellison, Vice President

Carolyn Tenney, Treasurer

Ginny Malley, Secretary

Rob Mustard, Past President

Our new officers for 2022-2023: (l. to r.) Carolyn Tenney, Caroline Ellison, Paul Fitzhenry and Ginny Malley

About Our Trustees:

Megan Brown, Realtor, Coldwell Banker; Westfield Resident since 2008

Caroline Ellison, League Administrator, JLEP; Westfield resident since 2002

Paul Fitzhenry, Principal, Red Leaf Communications LLC; Westfield resident since 1998

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Partner, Price Waterhouse, Retired; Westfield resident since 1998

Emily Howell, Community Volunteer; Westfield resident since 2008

Jed Kelly, Investment Management; Westfield resident since 2003

Angie Kurze, Owner, The French Martini; Westfield Resident since 2009

Ginny Malley, Community Volunteer; Westfield resident since 2002

Liz McAlister, Community Volunteer; Westfield Resident since 2003

Abigail Mulligan, Attorney; Westfield resident since 2011

Rob Mustard, Consultant, 41-74 Advisors; Westfield resident since 1995

Amy Partridge, Community Volunteer; Westfield Resident since 2010

Beth Riordan, Nurse; Westfield resident since 2002

Jessica Stewart, Recruiting Specialist, Accenture; Westfield resident since 2000

Carolyn Tenney, Financial Analyst; Westfield resident since 2012

Lori Roche Terry, Local Business Owner, Retired; Westfield resident since 2015

Mark Ukrainskyj, Portfolio Manager; Westfield resident since 1994

Keith Wargo, President & CEO, Autism Speaks; Westfield resident