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Literacy NJ

Volunteer Opportunities at Literacy NJ


LNJ recruits, trains and supports a volunteer corps of adult literacy tutors and instructors, enabling us to offer free services and flexible instructional schedules.

LNJ's students are the working poor who lack the financial resources for local, fee-based programs, are at the lowest literacy levels, and have often struggled in conventional school settings. Many of our learners work multiple jobs with odd hours, making it difficult to attend traditional classroom programs. LNJ's program flexibility benefits our volunteers as well, allowing them to create a tutoring schedule with their studentS that suits their lifestyle. Volunteers teach 2 to 4 hours a week for up to 42 weeks a year.

After 12-15 hours of training and ongoing support, volunteers work as tutors or small-group instructors in English as a Second Language, basic literacy, high school equivalency preparation and job readiness skills. They also provide our learners encouragement, support and inspiration. 

During the pandemic, all training and services are held on digital platforms. We continue to hold virtual, 15-hour tutor training classes a few times a year and provide ongoing support through workshops and in-service training.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact:

Barbara Bagger, 908-486-1777,