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Westfield Rescue Squad

Volunteer Opportunities at the Westfield Rescue Squad

Members of the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad are either “Riding” members or “Associate” members.

Riding Members - actively crew our ambulances during emergency response and are either certified Emergency Medical Technicians or in some stage of training towards obtaining EMT certification. Riding members may either be “Regular” members, fully certified EMTs with significant in house WVRS training and experience or “Probationary” members at various stages of training and experience working under the direction of a more senior Regular EMT. Ideal crew size is typically two EMTs, plus a non-EMT probationary.

Associate Members - Non-riding volunteers assist in various Squad administrative or operational tasks, such as working as a business dispatcher and crewing the operations office desk during the daytime, which is the most common. During the COVID emergency, much on-premises work has been curtailed, with approximately two dozen associate members enrolled at varying levels of activity, including former riding “Honorary” members.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact:

Paola Giacometti, 908-619-0036,

To visit Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad, CLICK HERE.