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  • The Lavy House Senior Resource Center
    The Lavy House Senior Resource Center

Welcome to the Westfield United Fund!

Our mission is to help members of our local Westfield area communities who need care and social services.

Our purpose is to fund quality programs provided by independent agencies approved by the Westfield United Fund. We strive to identify unmet needs and support programs and services that address the needs of individuals, families, teens, children, and seniors, including those with physical and psychological disabilities.

Our goal is to be a community resource for residents in need as well as those looking for ways to give back.

News & Announcements

Volunteers Needed for Our New Senior Resource Center

The Westfield Senior Resource Center is a joint project of the Westfield United Fund and the Congregation of Temple Emanu-El, with support from the Jewish Family Service agency. It will be located in the Dr. Norman Lavy Community House on East Broad Street, adjacent to the Temple property. The purpose of the center is to provide free information about local resources for all seniors in our community and their families.

We are looking for adults who can give 2-4 hours each week to staff the center and meet with seniors and/or family members who are seeking information about local services. The Center will be open Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm, beginning in October. No experience is needed, just a friendly attitude and a desire to help! Call our office at 908-233-2113 or send an email to contact@westfieldunitedfund.org for more information.

Amazon Smile Program

Did you know that you can support the Westfield United Fund through the Amazon Smile program? When you shop with Amazon, they will donate a portion of your purchase to us! Just click on the following link, or paste it into your browser:


Coldwell Banker East Supports WUF









On January 21, 2015, our Executive Director, Deirdre Gelinne, happily accepted a generous donation from a local Coldwell Banker office, Westfield East. The agents conducted an internal fundraiser in November, and donated the proceeds to several local charities. We are grateful and proud to be chosen as one of their recipients! Pictured in the photo above are John Bradley, Sales Manager of the CBWE office, Deirdre Gelinne, Bernadette Houston and Frank Isoldi. Bernadette and Frank are WUF trustees as well as Coldwell Banker agents. Many thanks, Coldwell Banker!

Meet The Origami Club Kids!

Executive Director Deirdre Gelinne with The Origami Club Kids (l. to r.): Emily Engel, Katie Palmer, Cottler Vierschilling, Greg Oliveri, Kaiyang Zhu, Richie Vasquez, Kevin Arndt















A group of fourth graders at Jefferson School who call themselves the Origami Club recently donated $155!  As Cottler Vierschilling explained in a letter to the WUF, he and some of his friends at school wanted to do something to help people in our community. They had also become interested in origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, and enjoyed learning to make a variety of shapes. They decided to form the Origami Club and began building an inventory of different shapes, following the instructions they found on Youtube. They made about 350 swans, stars, etc., which they sold to classmates at Jefferson School, along with lemonade.

Cottler's parents suggested that they donate the proceeds to the Westfield United Fund, since we help lots of people in the community. This was our first donation from a kids club! It's wonderful to see a group of kids who care about others in the community, and take action to help. What a great example of compassion in action! 


Sarah receives help from a teacher at the Homework Club, part of our After School Tutoring program.